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Blackmagic Digital Forair-16 Ver 16.4



See also Digital cinema Digital cinema Cinema Digital photography Cinema film Digital film Digital film formats Digital Motion Pictures Association Digital video Movies References External links Category:Digital video formats Category:Film and video technology Category:Digital television Category:Digital audio1. Technical Field The present invention relates generally to mechanisms for interfacing a high-speed network with a device driver, and, more particularly, to mechanisms for interfacing a high-speed network (e.g., 10 Gigabit Ethernet) with a device driver. 2. Description of the Related Art In many networking architectures (e.g., Gigabit Ethernet), packets are passed to a device driver layer through a link-layer protocol. For example, in Gigabit Ethernet, a packet comprises a header and a payload. The header includes fields for a Destination Media Access Control (MAC) address, Source MAC address, Type of Service (TOS), and Total Length. The payload includes a data portion and a frame check sequence. The frame check sequence is typically included to detect packet corruption due to errors, which are a common problem in high-speed network devices. The device driver layer then passes the packet to an upper networking layer. The networking layer is typically responsible for movement of data between network nodes (e.g., switches) on a high-speed network. In a Gigabit Ethernet device, the device driver may communicate with a physical medium access control (PHY) device. The PHY device may be responsible for sending packets to a link layer, such as a medium independent interface (MII) device, and receiving packets from the link layer. To be able to communicate with a PHY device, a device driver typically implements a PHY communication interface in a Device Driver Interface (DDI) layer. The DDI layer facilitates communication with a PHY device, such as an MII. While a Gigabit Ethernet device is a 10-bit device, the original DDI interface included only a 9-bit port. Thus, the 9-bit port of the original DDI interface was only large enough to support 10-bit communication with a PHY device. While this original DDI interface supported 10-bit communication with a PHY device, it lacked the ability to facilitate communication with a 10-bit networking device. In addition, while the original DDI interface supported both 10-bit and 9-bit modes of operation, it lacked the ability


Blackmagic Digital Forair-16 Ver 16.4 Extra Quality

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